Resources for Parents

Getting Your Child Interested in Books

Every Child A Reader - A collaboration between charitable trusts, the business sector and government, this site aims to show that, with the right resources, it is possible to overcome the literacy difficulties that blight so many children's lives.
Suite101: Parenting Methods - Fun ways to get kids interested in reading.

Helping Kids with Abuse Problems

Because I love you (BILY) - A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting parents with troubled children of any age.
Parents: The Anti-Drug - Sponsored by The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.
The Partnership for a Drug-Free America - The Partnering with Families mission is to inspire more parents and family members to connect with their kids in ways that persuade them not to use drugs.
Treatment 4 - Washington State Department of Social and Health Services-Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse has vigorous goals to end drug and alcohol abuse in the state: Reduce crime, healthcare costs, violence, welfare and other costs stemming from addictions; to promote community and family safety as well as education; and the primary goal is to return an addict to a productive life.
Teen Brain More Prone to Drug and Alcohol Damage
Adventure Therapy

Homeschooling Resources

Family Learning Organization - This organization in Spokane offers encouragement, advice, and standardized achievement testing to support you in homeschooling.
Online Learning Opportunities for families - This is a resource for a variety of different online learning opportunities K- Graduate School - Lots of homeschooling advice and links.
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page - A source of neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information.
Accredited Online High Schools - A source of information about what to look for in an online high school.

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Group - Help for parents of children with special needs.
Parent Trust for Washington Children - Offering a variety of educational and support services for families in Washington State. - Resources for identifying and assisting children with learning disabilities.

Parenting Guides

iVillage: Pregnancy and parenting - All sorts of great articles, tools, links and pictures. for Parents - Helping parents with all aspects of parenting, sponsored by the Department of Education. Parenting Resources - Parenting resources and official information and services from the U.S. government.

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