In 2018, the Library District will be embarking on a strategic planning process to help chart the future of Pend Oreille’s libraries.  Members of the community will be asked to contribute their thoughts to this process in a variety of ways.

What is a strategic plan?

When an organization sets a strategic plan, they are setting their overarching directions, goals, and objectives, along with the steps to help meet those goals.

Why is strategic planning important?

Community needs are ever changing and it is crucial that organizations periodically check-in to be sure that they are fulfilling their mission in a way that makes sense for users.  It also helps the organization set funding priorities and determine if more funds are needed to fulfill community needs or requests.

When will the Library’s plan be complete?

We will be talking with the public and other community organizations through June 2018.  The plan should be complete before the end of the year.

Who is the contact person if I have questions?

Library Director Mandy Walters is always happy to receive questions.  You can contact her at or at 800-366-3654 x 55.